It is really important that the grassroots of this industry have a voice in what happens next for CBD products, so we have an URGENT and BIG ASK from all our members and supporters this month

In January 2021, the Home Office stated its intention to establish a legal framework for consumer CBD products. Such a proposal was outlined in a commissioning letter to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), the independent expert body that advises the UK Government on drug-related issues. The HO sought advice from the ACMD specifically on:

  • The maximum level of THC applicable to all consumer CBD products
  • The maximum dose for any non-negligible effect for ∆9-THC and other controlled cannabinoids present at a lesser level (THCV, THCA, CBN)

While the report was a positive step in the right direction, we feel that there are some significant unintended negative consequences for the entire hemp value chain that will further hinder the development of this promising industry sector. The main issue being that if the recommendations are accepted, the UK will only have access to isolate and synthetic CBD, destroying any chances of a domestic CBD market made from homegrown flowers, and using the whole plant.

As part of the Secretariat Advisory Board for the APPG for CBD products, we are asking our supporters members to write directly to Crispin Blunt MP, (Chair of the APPG), to request him to delay any decisions on the future of CBD products, until further information and consultation by the APPG.

Attached is a letter that can be copied and pasted, or attached to an email, clearly laying out the key points that will negatively affect the industry if the ACMD recommendations are agreed by the Home Office.

**This is time critical and the letters need to be sent out as soon as possible. The more letters the Minister receives, the more influence we can have on the outcome of this process.

Please download the letter and email to**


The BHA have written a Hemp Manifesto for the UK 
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Nathaniel Loxley and Rebekah Shaman

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