The Food Standards agency has finally given the industry till March 2021 to become fully compliant with the Novel Foods License.

While we fully support the need for regulation in the industry, we do not agree with the Committee on Toxicology who found ‘potential adverse health effects’ from consuming CBD. The WHO announced last year that CBD was safe for consumption and “generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.”

While we agree with dosage and safety measure put forward by the FSA and the need for clear labelling and regulation the British Hemp Alliance believe that CBD from the flowers of the hemp plant are not novel. There is clear evidence across Europe that hemp flowers have been consumed in our diets for hundreds of years, unlike isolates and synthetics which can be considered novel.

In order for all stakeholders to benefit from this growing and potentially lucrative industry clear and concise regulations are essential. We must work together with the relevant authorities and bodies to guarantee that the industry can provide safe, clean and effective products for now and into the future.