The APPG for CBD Products has expanded it’s remit to include industrial hemp after Tenacious Labs – The Secretariat Advisory Board leading the APPG realised the importance of including Industrial Hemp in Cannabis Legislation. 

Removing the barriers to growth, most notably the stigma of hemp as a ‘controlled substance.’ The recommendations put forward in the BUSINESS PLAN FOR UK CANNABIS include putting Hemp into DEFRA, removing the licence for industrial uses and increasing the THC level in the fields will help create more jobs, boost the green and bio economy and help the UK reach it’s Net Zero commitments, as an essential tool for carbon sequestration, soil remediation and producing carbon negative products such as hempcrete 

The BHA were key advisors for the industrial hemp and environment section. With the governent’s Net Zero commitment to be “carbon neutral” by 2050, the use of hemp as a tool for regenerative agriculture and carbon drawdown cannot be ignored.  

“There is also an economic incentive – potentially £5.5bn in annual tax revenue” 

Crispin Blunt MP 

Hemp is poised to disrupt multiple sectors and recent updates to building legislation has finally recognised the importance of reducing the impact of the built environment, which currently contributes to 40% of GHG emissions.  

We are very glad the Secretariat recognised the importance of Industrial Hemp in the Cannabis debate and that the report leads with the Industrial Hemp section. This shift in Hemp policy reform can make a huge difference and create a substantial green industry that fuels innovation and technology, create jobs and support the bio and circular economy 

This is the most robust and comprehensive report ever produced that includes ALL aspects of the Cannabis plant, and is a legitimate and viable way forward for the industry that supports and represents ALL stakeholders so that everyone can benefit from a thriving cannabis industry.  

The British Hemp Alliance is building a foundation for open-source data and knowledge transfer in order to build an equitable and sustainable value chain in the UK.  

Join the BHA in support of progressive reform and become part of a better future.